Thursday, March 1, 2012

Zacuto: 'Film Sound Sessions with Clinton Harn'

Camera accessories manufacturer Zacuto has been compiling some great articles to help filmmakers at all experience levels get better at their craft. Their "Film Sound Sessions with Clinton Harn" is no exception!
Sound.  It’s the most elusive element that seems to plague filmmakers so very often.  We commonly hear filmmakers saying things like, “sound is 2/3 film” or “sound will make or break a production.”  The list goes on.  Yes, we have been able to get that “picture” quality to a “pseudo” Hollywood look, but sound is difficult. Or is it?
The index of Harn's articles can be found here on the Zacuto site. Here's the current list:

Article 1, Sound Perspectives 101
Article 2, Tools of the Trade, Part 1
Article 3, Tools of the Trade, Part 2
Article 4, Tools of the Trade, Part 3 
Article 5, Tools of the Trade, Part 4 
Video Tutorials: Capturing Sound in Cars

And here's Harn's intro video:

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