Monday, April 30, 2012

DV Internship: Knight Transportation *PAID*

Are there any Digital Video students interested in an awesome PAID internship???????

Job Title: Digital Video
Job Type: Internship - Paid
Full/Part Time: Part Time
Openings: 1

Description: Video Editor Intern
Knight Transportation

Duties Include
Assembling all raw footage, with camera shots either recorded or transferred onto video tape/hard disk in preparation for inputting into the computer

Inputting uncut rushes and sound, and synchronizing and storing them into files on the computer

Digitally cutting the files to determine the sequence of the film and determining what is usable

Creating a 'rough cut' of the program/film and determining the exact cutting for the next and final stages

Re-ordering and tweaking the content to ensure the logical sequencing and smooth running of film/video

Audio and vision engineering and editing

Experimenting with styles and techniques including design of graphic elements

Final authoring in preparation for web presentation

Exporting into various formats for delivery to Web Development Team

Skills Required
Ability to capture footage with equipment provided as necessary


Adobe Premiere Pro or equivalent (Final Cut, Vegas, Avid Liquid) Premiere Pro will be used

Working knowledge of the video production process. Video capture, editing, production, post and authoring

Working knowledge of audio integration for voice overlays and music incorporation

Working knowledge of linear and non-linear footage

Working knowledge of HDV, HD and SD and the ability to convert between multiple formats

Experience optimizing footage for web presentation

Adobe Flash, After Effects, Sound Booth (bonus)

How To Apply
Send a resume and cover letter to Shawn Smith:

Employer Website: Knight Transportation:

Saturday, April 28, 2012

'Melvin' AZ Film Fest Update - Honorable Mention, Comedy Short!

Arizona International Film Festival announced its award winners this evening, and our intrepid "Melvin" took home the "Honorable Mention, Comedy Short" award!

The complete list of award winners can be found here.

Don't forget, there's another chance to see "Flight of the Melvin" tomorrow at noon!

'Flight of the Melvin' One of Arizona International Film Festival's 'Best of the Fest'

Our high-flying family adventure "Flight of the Melvin" makes a return appearance at the 21st annual Arizona International Film Festival as part of their "Best of the Fest" screenings on Sunday April 29th at 12 noon.

The "Best of the Fest" series highlights audience favorites and award winners from the previous 16 days of the festival. Award winners will be announced this evening.

For more info about the "Best of the Fest: screenings, go to Arizona International Film Festival's website.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

UAT Named One of the Top 100 Animation Schools Worldwide

UAT was recently listed on as one of the Top 100 Schools in Animation at #65. They have schools listed from United States, Spain, Denmark, England, France, Canada, Korea, Germany, Japan, Sinapore, and Czech Republic.  It is fantastic that we are recognized.  AND – they noted our faculty as "some of the most attentive and involved teachers in the animation education industry!"
"This list of the Top 100 Schools in Animation, Gaming and Design was compiled via a mixture of school reviews, industry-reviewed lists like the Princeton Review, and via a survey of the animation industry professionals and recruiters from companies like Pixar, J.J. Sedelmaier and DreamWorks who were featured in our Interview Series…
65. University of Advancing Technology – Tempe, AZ
The University of Advancing Technology's claim to fame is its teaching staff. Not only were the UAT faculty voted some of the most attentive and involved teachers in the animation education industry, they also bring copious amounts of real-world experience to the table. Their faculty and students are supported by small class sizes so the education is top notch. UAT offers BA programs in Digital Media, Digital Video, Game Art and Animation, Game Design, Virtual Modeling and Design and Serious Games and Simulation; a BS program in Game Programming; and an MS in Game Production and Management. The school also offers online degree programs in Game Art and Animation, Game Design, Game Programming and Virtual Modeling and Design."

Read the full article here:

Monday, April 16, 2012

'Fallout' Selected for Fright Night Film Festival

Just when we thought our festival run for "Fallout" was all wrapped up, the folks at Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, KY, contacted us and asked to screen the film. One of their programmers apparently caught the film at the Terror Film Festival last October and thought it would be a good fit. So "Fallout" rides again on the big screen this summer. Check out the festival's official website here!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

DV-Related Jobs at Valve

The folks at videogame studio Valve (makers of Portal, Half-Life, and more) have posted a couple of job openings that would be a good fit for UAT Digital Video alumni:

"Film Editor"
We’re looking for versatile, self-directed editors who have experience creating movies from previz to final output, especially films that contain elements of drama, action, and visual effects. You must enjoy working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. Though editing has been called the "invisible art," your reel or body of work should demonstrate a mastery of the craft, an ability to iterate, and a solid understanding of visual storytelling.

  • Integrate into a multi-disciplinary team (6-8 people) and continually produce useful rough edits based on the group’s collective conversations and decisions.
  • Iterate quickly and submit work that solves problems rather than creates them.
  • Self-manage and also be aware of the needs and requirements of those around you.
  • Generate ideas and use rough edits to communicate those ideas to the group.
  • Strong knowledge of an editing package or two, such as Final Cut, Avid, Premiere, etc.
  • Ability to deliver without an assistant editor
  • Must be flexible and react quickly to changes in the game environment
  • Communication skills that allow you to describe your process maturely and succinctly
  • One or more of the following (the more the better):
    • Basic knowledge of 3D packages such as Maya, Moto, SketchUp, etc.
    • Ability to frame shots, set up camera parameters, and create camera moves
    • Lighting skills (rough or final)
    • Ability to set up or tune special effects/particle systems (rough or final)
    • Character posing and animation skills (rough)
    • Sound design skills (rough)
    • An awareness and appreciation of Valve’s various Intellectual Properties
"Sound Designer"
We’re looking for an experienced sound designer and/or interactive audio "integrator" who can help us create sophisticated, emotionally-compelling audio experiences for a variety of media formats and products. You’ll collaborate with a team of broadly-skilled peers to make sound a powerful element in all current and future Valve products, from multimedia ads to video game consoles, PC, and on-line gaming.
  • Identify audio opportunities and asset needs in Valve commercial and promotional products in a self-driven but collaborative manner.
  • Conceptualize, schedule, design, and produce high quality audio assets in accordance with the development and testing cycle of the product.
  • Integrate audio in both linear and interactive forms with Valve products using proprietary software.
  • Manage all necessary audio assets (sound files, scripts, models, etc.) associated with a product using the necessary software.
  • Work with engineers and artists to understand and help develop cutting-edge, proprietary audio technologies.
  • Test, debug, and assure the functional quality of all audio in a given product.
  • Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in digital and analog audio production
  • Five years experience in:
    • Professional quality audio production and all related technologies
    • Game engine audio implementation technologies
    • Taking a video game or linear equivalent (e.g., film) from conception and development through publication and shipment

Friday, April 13, 2012

Playlist: Getting Started with Avid Media Composer 6

Check out this playlist from Avid showing off some of the features of the latest revision of Media Composer.

It's IMDB Friday!

Today I thought it would be fun to dig through the Internet Movie Database and see what some of our alumni have been up to!

Adam Benson - VFX artist in Los Angeles (Green Lantern, Star Wars Episode I)

Carlos Chavez - grip/gaffer in Los Angeles

Erin Clark - VFX artist in Los Angeles (Game of Thrones, Tron: Legacy)

Zac Donner - working in Los Angeles as a grip

Keegan Ead - cinematographer / editor in Phoenix

Carl Hawke - freelance production designer in Phoenix

Philip Joslin - VFX artist in Los Angeles (Green Hornet, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2)

Matt McElroy - VFX artist in Los Angeles (Justified)

Rick Ravenell - VFX artist in Los Angeles (Avatar, Castle, The River)

Robert Sucato - producer / director / cinematographer in Phoenix

Thursday, April 12, 2012

DV Internship: Evil Controllers

Evil Controllers is looking for Digital Video and Digital Media Interns from UAT!!!

Job ID: 2855
Job Title: Digital Video
Job Type: Internship - Unpaid
Full/Part Time: Part Time
Openings: 1
Salary: $0-$0 Hourly

Description: Media Intern

Duties Include
HTML/CSS, basic understanding, no programming required

Video editing skills will also be required for final cuts

Video recording using a digital camera, and being familiar with lighting and sound for Youtube videos

Photoshop, with the ability to create organized and layered Photoshop files for hands-off to developers

Skills Required


Video editing software

Located in Tempe

How To Apply
Send a resume and cover letter to Phalane:

Employer Website: Evil Controllers:

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tutorial: Kinect MoCap Animation in After Effects

"Today I’m going to show you how to use your Kinect to animate a digital puppet... in After Effects. Once you’re up and running, you’re going to be using a Processing app called KinectToPin, written by the very talented animator Nick Fox-Gieg. That’s where you actually capture the tracking data, as well as where you convert it to keyframe information After Effects can understand."
Here's Part 1 of the 4-part tutorial. Check out the rest over on or on

Saturday, April 7, 2012

'Melvin' and 'Parallax' Screenings at Arizona International Film Festival

UAT Digital Video's family-friendly sci-fi comedy "Flight of the Melvin" will be screening at the Arizona International Film Festival in Tucson, Arizona, as part of their "Shorts for Youth" program.

Shorts for Youth
Saturday, April 21st @ 3 pm
The Screening Room
127 East Congress Street
Tucson, AZ 85701

Buy Tickets Here!

Professor Paul DeNigris's Thesis Film "Parallax" (winner of "Best Arizona Short Film" at the 2012 Phoenix Film Festival) will also be screening at Arizona International. The film was produced by an all-star crew of UAT DV students and alumni.

Arizona Shorts
Wednesday, April 18th @ 8 pm
The Screening Room
127 East Congress Street
Tucson, AZ 85701

Buy Tickets Here!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Alumni Update: Erin Frisbie ('07)

Our UAT Digital Video alumni continue to do amazing things with their careers, and often keep us updated on what they're doing. 2007 graduate Erin Frisbie recently sent us a story about her work as a producer for SheKnows TV, and her new show "Homergency." Read Erin's story below!
Today is a very special day for me because I am able to share a project that was an amazing experience & opportunity to help a family that was truly in need. In early March the SheKnows TV crew & an enormous team of volunteers went into The Bundy family's house to give them a total home makeover from top to bottom. In late 2011 Scott Bundy, 33, was diagnosed with spinal cancer. He was faced with the difficult decision to have surgery on his spine removing the tumors to continue living to see his young son Jakob, 2, grow up. The surgery would paralyze Scott from the waist down forcing him to live the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

Before Scott was able to come home from the hospital the family needed to remodel a bathroom in the home & install ramps to ensure he had basic access to his house. The local news featured the family on a segment that got the attention of Home Depot who generously donated the time and materials to install ramp access to the house & create a handicap accessible bathroom in the hall bath of the family's home. While these improvements made it possible for Scott to come home, they did not remedy all of the struggles Scott would soon face in everyday life in their house. put out a casting call in mid February to find a family in need of a total home makeover. Nicole Dees, a family friend, answered the call & submitted the Bundy's story to myself and rest of the SKTV team. We knew that we had all of the resources to change this family's house & create a living environment that is comfortable & accessible for Scott for years to come.

Today Season 2 of Homergency went live on our site. Below is the link to the full episodes, I hope you enjoy the show! is now casting for Season 3 of Homergency! (Please Note: We are looking for families in the Phoenix area)

Here are links to two stories the local news produced as media coverage of our show and The Bundy's story.

SheKnows TV

Monday, April 2, 2012

'Parallax' Wins Best Arizona Short at 2012 Phoenix Film Festival!

At the 2012 Phoenix Film Festival awards ceremony last night, Professor Paul DeNigris' Master's Thesis Film "Parallax" was awarded the Copper Wing for "Best Arizona Short." The film was produced with the participation of an all-star team of UAT Digital Video students and alumni who volunteered countless hours to make the compelling and realistic Iraq War drama. A huge contingent of UAT students, alumni, faculty, and staff also contributed to the film's budget on Kickstarter, so "Parallax" truly was a community endeavor.

UAT Digital Video won this prestigious award last year for the sci-fi action thriller "Fallout." This year's Arizona Shorts competition was tough, with lots of great entries in what many festivalgoers have described as the best batch of Arizona Shorts to ever play the festival. So "Team Parallax" is especially gratified to have won when pitted against such a great group of films! Congrats to everyone involved!