Saturday, April 14, 2012

DV-Related Jobs at Valve

The folks at videogame studio Valve (makers of Portal, Half-Life, and more) have posted a couple of job openings that would be a good fit for UAT Digital Video alumni:

"Film Editor"
We’re looking for versatile, self-directed editors who have experience creating movies from previz to final output, especially films that contain elements of drama, action, and visual effects. You must enjoy working in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. Though editing has been called the "invisible art," your reel or body of work should demonstrate a mastery of the craft, an ability to iterate, and a solid understanding of visual storytelling.

  • Integrate into a multi-disciplinary team (6-8 people) and continually produce useful rough edits based on the group’s collective conversations and decisions.
  • Iterate quickly and submit work that solves problems rather than creates them.
  • Self-manage and also be aware of the needs and requirements of those around you.
  • Generate ideas and use rough edits to communicate those ideas to the group.
  • Strong knowledge of an editing package or two, such as Final Cut, Avid, Premiere, etc.
  • Ability to deliver without an assistant editor
  • Must be flexible and react quickly to changes in the game environment
  • Communication skills that allow you to describe your process maturely and succinctly
  • One or more of the following (the more the better):
    • Basic knowledge of 3D packages such as Maya, Moto, SketchUp, etc.
    • Ability to frame shots, set up camera parameters, and create camera moves
    • Lighting skills (rough or final)
    • Ability to set up or tune special effects/particle systems (rough or final)
    • Character posing and animation skills (rough)
    • Sound design skills (rough)
    • An awareness and appreciation of Valve’s various Intellectual Properties
"Sound Designer"
We’re looking for an experienced sound designer and/or interactive audio "integrator" who can help us create sophisticated, emotionally-compelling audio experiences for a variety of media formats and products. You’ll collaborate with a team of broadly-skilled peers to make sound a powerful element in all current and future Valve products, from multimedia ads to video game consoles, PC, and on-line gaming.
  • Identify audio opportunities and asset needs in Valve commercial and promotional products in a self-driven but collaborative manner.
  • Conceptualize, schedule, design, and produce high quality audio assets in accordance with the development and testing cycle of the product.
  • Integrate audio in both linear and interactive forms with Valve products using proprietary software.
  • Manage all necessary audio assets (sound files, scripts, models, etc.) associated with a product using the necessary software.
  • Work with engineers and artists to understand and help develop cutting-edge, proprietary audio technologies.
  • Test, debug, and assure the functional quality of all audio in a given product.
  • Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in digital and analog audio production
  • Five years experience in:
    • Professional quality audio production and all related technologies
    • Game engine audio implementation technologies
    • Taking a video game or linear equivalent (e.g., film) from conception and development through publication and shipment

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