Wednesday, August 25, 2010

UAT Digital Video alum conquers the "Bad Universe"

Beginning this Sunday, August 29th, the visual effects work of UAT Digital Video graduate Adam Benson will begin appearing on the Discovery Channel as part of their new series "Phil Plait's Bad Universe." Adam has been working as the CG Animation and Layout Supervisor, and as one of the lead artists on the visual effects team for the show. Check out the sneak peek trailer on YouTube!

From Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy blog:

"This first episode is about saving the world from asteroid impacts. In most science TV shows on this topic they’re heavy on the death and destruction, but pretty light on what we can actually do about them."
Sounds like lots of great opportunities for Adam to exercise his serious VFX skills! Check out the website for Adam's company Sleep Deprived Productions for more information on him and his myriad projects.

And don't forget to watch "Bad Universe" this weekend!