Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DV Award Modeling Scholarship - Deadline October 12!

The DV Award Modeling Scholarship is awarded to a current University of Advancing Technology undergraduate student (on campus or UAT-Online) who has a passion for 3D modeling and design. This is a project-based scholarship open to any student seeking any Bachelor of Arts degree. To be awarded the scholarship, the student must present their 3D model for a custom trophy to be presented to the “Audience Choice” winner at the 2012 UAT Digital Video Festival. This model may be created using any software of the student’s choice, and must be fully ready for 3D printing using the University’s uPrint rapid prototyper. For 3D printing purposes, the model must be no more than 6” by 6” x 8” and must be one complete enclosed mesh with no holes.

Eligibility Requirements:
Must be a current UAT student in good academic standing
Must be enrolled in a designated Bachelor of Arts program of study

Application Process:
To apply, students must submit the following information on or before October 12, 2012.
A completed scholarship application
A current FAFSA on file with UAT
A minimum of three (3) renders of the model – front, top, and side – as JPEG images
The model file in a standard format such as Maya Binary or FBX
The model file in STL format for printing

Please submit application materials to Professor Paul DeNigris at pdenigri@uat.edu