Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ARGNet: 'Transforming USC Film Students’ Freshman Year Into an Addictive Game'

Wired Magazine picked up this little gem from ARGNet - "Alternate Reality Gaming Network" - about a revolutionary card game being used to prompt creativity and networking among Freshmen at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts.
Reality, which just completed its first season, is one part trading card game, one part media creation tool, and one part web portal. Three hundred unique cards, color-coded by type and designed to fit together, were handed out to students who unraveled a series of clues leading to the game’s secret campus headquarters or tucked away for discovery as the game progressed. As students discovered other students who were playing, they made “deals” by trading or pooling cards that led to collaborative projects and then published their work to Reality’s web portal so other students could rate and review the projects. Winning projects earned interesting rewards, like meeting industry professionals, for the creators.
Check out the article for details of this really interesting melding of gameplay, socializing, and filmmaking. Also check out the official "Reality" site at

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