Monday, January 9, 2012

Production on RED SAND begins today!

After spending all last semester on pre-production, the DV Production Studio classes begin filming their latest sci-fi epic, "Red Sand," a fan film based on Bioware's MASS EFFECT series of games. Serving as a prequel to the game series,"Red Sand" tells the story of the discovery of ancient alien ruins on Mars, and the battle to control the technology contained inside. It's this technology which leads to the discovery of a "mass relay" orbiting Pluto - a gateway to the rest of our galaxy and beyond, opening the door for the rest of the MASS EFFECT storyline.

The cast of "Red Sand" includes Los Angeles-based actor Ayman Samman, who last worked with the DV crew on Professor Paul DeNigris' thesis film "Parallax," and Mark Meer, the actor who provides the voice of Commander Shepard in the MASS EFFECT game series. In "Red Sand," Meer plays an all-new character called Jon Grissom, a tough soldier charged with defending the alien ruins at all costs.

Once completed, "Red Sand" will be released to the web. Stay tuned for more info, photos, and a teaser trailer to come very soon!

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