Sunday, November 6, 2011

UAT Digital Video student wins 'Best Director' in GCU-hosted Inter-College 48 Hour Film Challenge

UAT Digital Video student Trevor Spotted Eagle picked up the 'Best Director' trophy Sunday evening on the campus of Grand Canyon University at the awards ceremony for the latest Inter-College 48 Hour Film Challenge.

The challenge began on Friday evening when 4 teams from GCU and 1 team from UAT were given their marching orders; films were required to include:

- line of dialogue: "I enjoy the taste of lies"
- prop: snowglobe
- character: Harry Colon, linebacker

Each team received a different genre, and Team UAT's was "mystery." Working all weekend, the team produced the slick psychological mystery-thriller "The Taste of Lies," which featured a detective character tasked with solving a murder her own alter ego had committed.

This was the third matchup between UAT and GCU in the Inter-College 48 Hour Film Challenge, which began as a twice-yearly tradition in 2010. One of GCU's entries "Narwhal" took home the 'Best Actor' and 'Best Film' trophies this time around. UAT will be hosting the next installment of the challenge in April or May.

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