Friday, September 23, 2011

Wired: '5 Film-School Violations in Videogame Cut-Scenes'

For the Game Art & Animation student who wasn't sure why he was taking DVA101, or the DV student who ends up working in the videogame industry after graduation, has published this scathing essay on why so many videogame cutscenes fall flat:
... there's one element of interactive storytelling that designers just can't seem to get right: the cut-scene. Some exceptions exist, but these control-free cinematic sequences often prove uncomfortable if not downright embarrassing to watch. While they are almost always packed with gorgeous eye caramel, games' cut-scenes usually drop the ball when it comes to effective storytelling.
This is because many cut-scenes don't follow the time-tested rules of cinema that have made Hollywood so successful. Gamemakers abide by their own rules, packing their cinematics with wanton expositions and explosions. But cut-scene designers would do well to learn from the past century of film and its storytelling practices.
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