Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Philip Bloom: 'Canon DSLRs: some of the best picture profiles out there'

Filmmaker and DSLR aficionado Philip Bloom continues his tradition of posting the latest info on the emerging trend of the DSLR "picture profile." On cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark II, the picture profile editor can allow a user to dial in just the right set of parameters to make color grading easier and more impactful.
For all projects that I am producing, I always shoot the flattest image I can get. However, when shooting for others, if the turn around time does not allow for colour timing/correction, I will shoot less flat (typically neutral).

Now you ask, why is a flat profile important? Well, when you bake-in the color/contrast settings into an image (pre-set PP’s), you are unable to retrieve information that would be available if you had shot flat. Say your sky is blown out, but you wish you could see some of the clouds that were there on the day. With a baked-in image style, you are not able to recover it. With a flat image, you have a much better chance of recovering the clouds — OR if you under or over-expose something, you have a better chance to recover information that would otherwise be lost.
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