Sunday, February 20, 2011

Master Cinematographer Roger Deakins on Shooting with ARRI ALEXA: "Film Had a Good Run" reposted a great interview with master cinematographer Roger Deakins, originally posted on /film:
[Shooting on Digital] gives me a lot more options. It’s got more latitude, it’s got better color rendition. It’s faster. I can immediately see what I’m recording. I can time that image on set with a color-calibrated monitor…. Am I nostalgic for film? … I mean, it’s had a good run, hasn’t it?
Here's a peek at the cinematography of True Grit, for which Deakins is nominated for a Best Cinematography Oscar, and which might end up being his last movie shot on film:

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  1. Very interesting that some only feel comfortable in swapping because of the ARRI name. Fair enough. I guess I would in his position.

    Found a funny look at the Arri Alexa’s Direct to Edit feature!