Saturday, November 27, 2010

Get Free Help for Your Company or Project

So I get this one all the time - "Hey, do you have any students who can help me with _____?" Most of the time these inquiries are for short-term projects - "I need grips for the weekend," etc. Those are good experience-builders for the students, but what they really need is internship credit. All UAT students are required to complete an internship in order to graduate, and as you can imagine, sometimes it can be difficult to find viable DV-related internships.

So what is an internship, exactly? From the UAT Intranet:
Internships are considered a supervised, practical experience that is the application of previously learned theory. Employers/sponsors work with the students to meet specific objectives and/or learning goals and provide special mentoring or networking opportunities. In exchange, the intern helps the employer/sponsor in meeting overall work goals for the company. Sponsors are encouraged to use the intern in such a way that he/she can develop a broad understanding of their organization and the services they provide.
Essentially, what you as an employer get is a part-time employee who you pay in experience. What the student gets is their first real professional gig working in the field they are studying. It's win-win.

Internships last for 15 weeks (a UAT semester) and come in two varieties - the 3-credit internship, which amounts to 150 hours spread across the 15 weeks; and the 6-credit internship for a total of 300 hours. so you as an internship sponsor need to provide the student with enough work to fill either 10 hours per week or 20 hours per week for the whole semester.

So as you start planning your activities for 2011, think about providing a professional experience for a UAT Digital Video student. Need production help? Post-production? Editing? Animation? VFX? We have students that can help and can benefit from your experience and knowledge. Our next semester begins in January, so don't delay.

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