Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DV Equipment Use Over Spring Break

Regarding the use of DV Equipment during Spring Break:

Posted Library hours are 9am to 4pm during the week of Spring Break, but may be irregular due to employee vacations. Students are advised to call the Library to confirm that they are open for pick up or return of equipment. Library Phone: 602-383-8243.

Equipment may be checked out for daytime use during the Library's open hours, or may be checked out for overnight use.

Daytime checkouts must be returned BEFORE the Library closes for the day. It is the student's responsibility to confirm the Library's hours for the day.

Overnight checkouts must be returned by 10:30 am the next business day, as per normal operating procedure. If the Library is not open before 10:30 am, then the equipment must be returned as soon as the Library is open. Again, call to confirm.

Students engaging in productions carrying over multiple days MUST return the equipment the next business day for return and inspection and then check it out again.

Under no circumstances is DV Equipment to leave the Phoenix Metro Area.

Violation of any of these policies and procedures may jeopardize your equipment borrowing privileges for the remainder of the semester.

Any questions or concerns, I may be reached at I am now receiving UAT emails on my phone and should be able to respond immediately.

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