Monday, November 5, 2012

UAT Wins 3 Awards at Inter-college 48 Hour Film Challenge

This weekend, two teams of UAT DV students competed in the 5th Semi-Annual Valley-Wide Inter-college 48 Hour Film Challenge, hosted by Grand Canyon University. (This is a recurring event that happens twice a year; GCU hosts in the Fall and we host in the Spring.) 12 teams total competed, representing GCU, UAT, ASU, and both Scottsdale and Glendale Community Colleges.

GCU Professor Gregg Elder assembled a panel of judges from the UAT and GCU faculties, as well as from the local film community. Four awards were given, Best Acting, Best Technical, Best Directing, and Best Overall Film. The Best Overall award included not only an individual trophy for the film, but the custodianship of the newly-minted "Persistence of Vision" Cup which like the Stanley Cup will be housed on the winning team's campus until the next challenge.

One of the UAT films, "Apart From Your World," won three out of the four awards and took home the POV Cup for Team UAT. The film, a musical exploration of geekdom that was filled with visual effects sequences inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Superman, Star Wars, and many more, won Best Acting for UAT student Nathan Benson (who also sang), Best Technical, and Best Overall Film.

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