Thursday, August 9, 2012

'Clouds' - what happens when a DSLR meets an XBOX Kinect

Here's something I found a while back on Planet5D and never had a chance to post.
Ever since the Kinect emerged on the scene, its depth-sensing camera has fascinated legions of creative coders, but the team behind the RGB+D Toolkit is one of the few attempting to transform the gaming console into a real filmmaking tool. Using a Kinect and a standard DSLR camera, like your Canon 5D, these avant-garde image-makers have created a technique that allows you to map video from the SLR onto the Kinect’s 3D data to generate a true CGI and video hybrid. (From an in-depth article about the project on The Creators Project website.) 

The folks behind the RGB+D Toolkit that made these ghostly images possible have been keeping a log of their activities and are making their code available to anyone who wants to play. Maybe a future UATDV project will use this technology? Stay tuned!

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