Wednesday, June 13, 2012

nofilmschool: 'Two Interview Lighting Tutorials That'll Kick Your Footage Up a Notch'

The great "nofilmschool" blog turned us on to these two awesome lighting tutorials. If you're new to lighting, or just looking for some pointers to sharpen your skills and fill out your aesthetic toolset, these are both worth a watch. From the nofilmschool article:
The first tutorial comes courtesy of stillmotion, the folks behind SMAPP (which looks like a pretty useful filmmaking app for folks learning the ropes).  Not only does this tutorial do a great job of illustrating a general lighting set-up, it does so while jam-packing key terms and concepts.  It’s a solid introduction to lighting in general — from key lights to fill lights, to lighting ratios, you get a lot of great information:

The second tutorial is from Eve Hazelton and the folks at Realm Pictures (who are developing what looks like a really cool underwater fantasy project).  What I like about this tutorial in particular is how it shows the many ways you can spice up the image with well placed lights in the background, and that 3-point lighting isn’t some hard and fast rule — you light to your tastes:

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