Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Submitting Works for Student Showcase: Due Oct. 7

The time has come for submissions for the upcoming Fall 2011 edition of Showcase 2011. We are looking for entries and submissions from students, both resident and online, and alumni that reflect ALL disciplines at UAT.

Students of all majors are encouraged to submit work for UAT's Student Showcase, a collection of pieces that display the academic and artistic talents of the University's learners. Drawings and digital art/interactive share space with programming code and software demonstrations on the University campus.

We hope that the submissions will bring in a wider variety of designs - including technologically-based pieces. Items like data visualization programs, executable files, code, etc.

Please note that there is a selection process in place that will ensure that only the best work will be showcased, that will represent our talented students and alumni in the best light at UAT.

Submission Process:
Submit your work via email, showcase@uat.edu, and attach your completed submission form.


NOTE: Images must be a minimum of 200 dpi: it is my goal to display the best artwork in a big format (29x19) min. If you submit digital work at a lower resolution, 72dpi, with a small size, and if the piece is selected, I still may not be able to display it.

Feel free to  e-mail Vesna  Dragojlov (vdragojlov@uat.edu), Student Showcase Curator,  if you have any question regarding the showcase.

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