Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why You Need to Use SCENECHRONIZE Now!

So I'm sure many of you are familiar with Celtx - an online preproduction site. Some of you may be aware of Base Camp - an online project management tool. And the vast majority of pros in this industry are familiar with Entertainment Partners' "Movie Magic" line of software for budgeting and scheduling.

Now - how about a service that combines the functionality of all three. Scenechronize provides industry-standard tools such as Final Draft script imports (via PDF), Script Breakdown, Stripboard, Day-out-of-Days, and more, combined with an online collaborative environment that allows cast and crew to have one central point of contact for all information related to a project.

Import the PDF of your script and get right to the Breakdown. Scenechronize identifies characters and starts filling in the details for you. To add items to the Breakdown, simply highlight text in the script and then choose the category it belongs to. Before you know it, your Breakdown is totally populated with every element you need to make your film.

Once the Breakdown is complete, you can start building your Stripboard and your Schedule. Auto-sort tools allow you to sort your Stripboard by character, location, slugline, and more, plus you can then manually sort by simply dragging and dropping.

Once you enter a start date into the Stripboard, then you can generate your DooD (Day-out-of-Days) for EVERY element in the film. Need to know when a particular actor starts work? It's all there.

Plus, you can upload any kind of document, like pictures of your cast, costumes, props, your storyboards, anything that goes into your creative process. Documents can be linked to particular scenes or simply made available to the crew and cast members you select. You can generate any kind of report you might need, plus Call Sheets, daily Sides, and more.

Scenechronize offers a variety of packages, some of which even fit a student budget - FREE. Check it out and start using it today. I'm using it on my MFA thesis film and I can't imagine doing this project without it!

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