Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Short “Extraordinary Colleagues” Premieres Friday at Phoenix Art Museum

On Friday July 23rd at the Phoenix Art Museum, IFP/Phoenix will be hosting two screenings of films entered into this summer’s “Beat the Clock” 48 Hour Film Challenge - including an entry produced by the UAT Digital Video Program titled “Extraordinary Colleagues.” Written by Paul DeNigris and Steve Briscoe, the 3-minute film took the required prop - a paintbrush - as a jumping off point to tell the romantic comedy story of a comic book writer and her editor, while also telling a parallel action tale within the Sin City-esque world of the comic book they produce together.

The film will screen twice, once during the 6pm show and again during the 8pm show. The “Beat the Clock” Awards will follow at 10pm. More details can be found on IFP/Phoenix’s website. Tickets for the screenings are $15 each.

“Extraordinary Colleagues” was a co-production between the UATDV crew and Locked Horns Productions. Students Nick Wassenberg, Justin Gagen, and Mitch Faherty handled visual effects with some assistance from alumni Kalki Khaira and Ryan Whitten. Alum Ryan Luibrand handled editing duties. Students Kenny Rayl, Shawn Geary, Erica Faccone, and Kari McBride handled physical production, lead by DP Justin Gagen and directed by Professor DeNigris.

"Extraordinary Colleagues" mark's UATDV's first production using our brand new Canon 5D Mark II DSLR. Visual effects were executed in Adobe After Effects, with the comic book panels processed in Photoshop. Editing was completed in Avid Media Composer, with sound mixing and sweetening done in ProTools.

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