Thursday, April 1, 2010

UAT Alum Part of Academy Award-Winning VFX Team for AVATAR

Surely by now all our regular readers have seen James Cameron's film Avatar and know that its groundbreaking visual effects picked up an Academy Awards at this year's Oscars. What you may not know is that a UAT alumnus was part of that award-winning team.

Rick Ravenell, a 2007 UAT graduate, was part of the team at Prime Focus (one of a number of visual effects vendors working under the primary team at WETA Digital). Rick's responsibilities on Avatar were for the design and creation of heads-up display graphics in the command center and the various human military vehicles seen throughout the film. This image here of the large holographic tactical display in the command center is a good representative sample of the work that Rick contributed to this blockbuster film.

UAT Digital Video is proud to congratulate alum Rick Ravenell and the entire Avatar VFX team on their Oscar win!

Rick's website:
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